Little bit of this, a little bit of that

Posting has been light these days, as have my visits to other people’s blogs and I apologize. Life has been all-consuming and I feel like I haven’t fully caught up since returning from Spring Break in Utah a few weeks ago.

A few things that have been eating up our time:

Social media presentation. Jamie and I gave a 4-hour social media presentation to an insurance group on Thursday. I’ve been asked to speak on a number of panels (I’m doing another one for Colorado Healthcare Communicators this week) and have given one-on-one training sessions but we’ve never done of full-on presentation of this magnitude. What I learned: 1) Jamie looks hot in a suit and it’s a dream come true to run our own business together. 2) I know more than I thought. This rarely happens so it’s an unexpected surprise.

The death of the goat. Or rather, the goatee. When Jamie got called to the Bishopric at church a couple of weeks ago, he shaved it in an effort to look more clean-cut. I was the one who encouraged him to grow it after we first got married so I was in mourning to see it go. I filmed him as he shaved it off. And may have shed a tear…or twelve.

Preparing for our garage sale. OK, truth be told, I haven’t exactly gotten around to compiling everything and keep pushing back the date of the garage sale.

But I certainly spend a lot of time avoiding the entire thing.

Partying at Einstein Bros. Bagels. I threw a big mid-day meet-up for the Mile High Mamas on Friday. Bagels were eaten, conversations were had and the other patrons were surely ready to give us the boot. But one thing I already suspected was confirmed: my daughter and I share a love affair with carbs.

Being a mom. After almost six years as a mom, I finally feel like I’m achieving some semblance of balance in my life. It definitely helps that my kids are going through such agreeable stages. My relationship with Hadley has never been better, Bode is his same sweet self and I walk around with a goofy grin on my face because I’m just so happy. Life is full of ebbs and tides and I’m gladly riding high right now. Oh, and speaking of which….

Riding my new bike. OK, truth be told I haven’t done this as much as I would like due to getting sick. Then it snowed. And I’ve been really busy. But I was really excited to attend my much-anticipated bike clinic at Wheat Ridge Cyclery on Friday night.

Until I showed up and realized the bike clinic was on the previous Wednesday.

As my wise Aunt Sue has always told me: “Things can never be 100%, Amber. Never 100%.

This week, I have loads of playdates, our BFF’s birthday, two work-related events and a garage sale for which to prepare (yeah, right). What do you have on your plate?

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