Little Miss Stay Puffed Marshmallow

One of the things I love about living in Colorado is I am a rock star on ice. Well, at least according to the locals. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not an expert skater or anything. But a few years of lessons makes all the wobbling locals (including my Hunky but Weak-in-the-Ankles Hubby) watch in awe as I can race around the ice without falling. Even once. Unfortunately, pregnancy has downgraded my quadruple axle to only a double. Sacrifices.

Hadley had her first ice skating lesson today on a lake in a beautiful mountain hamlet. Well, more like her first ice sitting lesson. After bundling her to the point that she bore a strong resemblance to Randy in “A Christmas Story,” we plopped her in a sled and whipped her around the lake. You would think this would be thrilling for any toddler. Not the Hurricane. She preferred stripping down to her skibbies and hitting on boys in the lodge whilst sipping cocoa. Eerie foreshadowing of a future ski bunny in the making?

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