Love, Marriage and Best Friends According to Hadley

Our kids have a pretty sheltered view on marriage. Most of our close-knit group of friends from church have great marriages. Of course, no union is perfect but we truly are surrounded by tremendous examples of loving husbands, wives and parents. That said, I’m best friends with Hadley and Bode’s best friends but they rarely see Jamie out with his buddies because he’s either working or with us. And don’t forget his pumpkins.

Hadley: “Dad, no pressure but how many friends do you have?”

Jamie [half-joking]:  ”I have Jesus and your mother.”

Hadley:  ”That’ kind of sad.”

Me: “Not really. The most important thing is to be married to your best friend. Can you imagine being married to someone you don’t even like? Over half of my neighborhood friends’ parents ended up getting divorced before we graduated from high school. Dad is my best friend.”

Hadley: “Is that what married people say when they don’t have a best friend? They just call their husband their best friend?”

I’m glad we [loser parents] have taught her well.

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