MakeBeliever Makes a Believer Out of Me (Plus Giveaways)

santa picI have discovered what is perhaps the most innovative, brilliant and gloriously manipulative Santa tool EVER.

Let’s face it – those mall Santas are clueless with their fake beard and padded stomach. They don’t know who your child is or care what they want for Christmas.


It is a highly personalized Flash video from a live Santa that you create for the recipient of your choice, delivered by email. Recipients like…say…for your children. Children who just may have been nice or who may need a little “naughty” nudge in the right direction. Like in the direction towards a potty.

Before you judge me, the doctor told me to do it. For “potty underachievers,” he recommended we dangle an incentive as motivation. We have done a year’s worth of hangings: from toys to treats to television. Nothing has worked. Santa is our last hope.

I realize the intention behind MakeBeliever’s fun greetings is not to manipulate the recipient. But not to be forgotten is my Christmas wish for ol’ St. Nick: a diaper-free holiday.

As Hadley viewed the video, she was mesmerized when Santa checked off her favorite things: her birthday, her favorite color and animal. He even knew she wanted a little computer for Christmas and commended her for being nice to her brother.

But then came the [optional] “naughty list” and the mention of her potty habits. Or lack thereof. She gritted her teeth and said, “Uh oh.” But never once did she back down from the challenge of The Man in Red.

She viewed it 13 times before we finally dragged her away. I am hopeful that 13 times is enough for osmosis to set in.

And for both of our Christmas wishes to come true.

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