Meet the [Canadian] Parents

We’re still having a grand ol’ time with The Parents and am saddened their visit is drawing to a close. After The Broadmoor last weekend (details forthcoming), we’ve had a whirlwind week that has included:

Monday–Happy Father’s Day to Dad! He endured a makeover I’m promoting at Mile High Mamas called “Slob to Suave” where the winner will receive a $100 gift card for JC Penny. Since Dad isn’t really a “slob” I had to improvise for the “Before” picture, Canadian-style. The “After” picture is him sporting his spiffy new clothes.

Tuesday–Jamie got interviewed by National Geographic. It is my life’s goal to be in that magazine and he will be made famous there for his PUMPKINS? There is no justice in the world.

We also picnicked at Lion’s Park in Golden and watched the kayakers.

And yes, Hadley picked that outfit all by herself, why do you ask?

Wednesday–Dad and I drove 3 hours round-trip to Colorado Springs to retrieve his now-fixed car. We did a fabulous hike to Seven Bridges up North Cheyenne Canon Park and I was impressed by this 68-year-old man who can still hold his own on the trail.

That is a nice way of saying he could still kick my butt if he wanted to.

Today–We’re heading to Boulder to have lunch at Chautauqua’s Dining Hall and stroll around Pearl Street.

In other news: Jamie surprised me with an iPhone of my very own. This is partly because he is thoughtful and generous.

But mostly because he was sick of me swiping his.

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