My Exciting News!

Remember when I said I’ve been busy/stressed with some good things?

I’m thrilled to be a new columnist for The Denver Post’s new Monday print section: $MART. Once a month, I will bring you fun, personal narratives for navigating the consumer culture. My column, Family Cents, will also include helpful tips (and I’m always looking for your topic ideas).

This month, I’m talking about the best daily deal sites for moms, what to avoid and even how to aggregate all of them so you’re able to tap into the best deals without being overwhelmed.Link
Come check out my article Daily-deal websites more of a dandy deal now and be sure to share your ideas!

P.S. And no. “Dandy” never was, nor ever will be a part of my vocabulary (I have the headline editor to thank for that).

I’m thinking they should have used “groovy.”

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