My Summer Travels: The Great Canadian Road Trip

On Monday, I am embarking on our cross-country road-trip to Canada with the kids. The Lord of the Gourds may-or-may not be joining us near the end. He has to work and it is, of course, the peak of pumpkin season.

I’m so thrilled about this trip because we will be spending a couple of weeks in my hometown Calgary and camping in my favorite place on earth.

As previously mentioned, Grandma invited Hadley to fly out early and spend the 4th of July in Utah. Bode and I braved the long drive (we’re not bitter) where we will spend some time with Jamie’s family before I head over for the social media Evo Conference July 7-9 in Park City!

Then, it will be onto Rexburg, ID to visit my dear friend Jason and his family who were like surrogate parents when I went to Ricks College (now BYU Idaho).

Let’s hope Hadley has a better day than our visit with him a few years ago.

Then, we’re driving eight hours north to one of Idaho’s hidden gems: Sandpoint, ID where we will be meet my parents to celebrate my mom’s (ahem) 29th birthday. I’m looking forward to some downtime at Dover Bay Bungalows on the banks of magnificent Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho’s largest lake.

Photo: R.J. White, Sandpoint Magazine

Well, if downtime consist of checking out the darling shops in Sandpoint, kayaking, hiking the 9 miles of trails in the area, swimming and biking lift-serviced Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

From there, it will be homeward bound to Calgary with oodles of cousin time, the zoo, biking along the Bow River and of course, The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, The Calgary Stampede July 8-17, 2011.


Calgary will also likely consist of my brother Pat dragging us out on the lake where it will be confirmed that I suck and will always suck at water-skiing.

From there, we’ll begin our drive back to Denver via my favorite place on earth. I’ve traveled the world and for me, there is no greater destination than Waterton Lakes National Park, located just north of the U.S. border. I’ll have many details to come about my favorite childhood haunt in this hauntingly beautiful enclave.

Photo: Kevin P. Rauch

And of course, the other side of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is glorious Glacier National Park where we will camp, play and marvel at one of the most beautiful drives along the lower 48: Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Photo: St. Mary Lake, Jon Tester

Our summer will consist of lots of family time, driving and camping. I’ve been asked if Jamie will be dismayed we’ll be gone so long and he alleges he will be. But to be honest, I’m usually a single mother in July because he’s slammed with his pumpkins, work and church responsibilities. Plus, unlimited time in the pumpkin patch without the wife nagging about family responsibilities?

It’s his version of a bachelor party.

Updated: Jamie and I were featured on the premiere of NBC’s The Marriage Ref regarding his pumpkin addiction. For a behind-the-scenes glimpse, go here.

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