Natural Disaster Zone

My two worlds have converged into a natural disaster zone. In Colorado, it’s more wildfires than I can count, over 500 homes lost and many more still threatened. When I returned home from Utah last week, the smoke in Denver was thick.

Black Hills Fire, USA Today

Then in my hometown Calgary, torrential rains have led to flooding on a disastrous scale, thousands evacuated including the downtown area and rain-swollen rivers have literally taken over the city. Fortunately, though we live in south Calgary (which has been hit hard), my family lives on higher ground and are safe. But seeing these pictures of my favorite stomping grounds is heartbreaking.

via @cbcscott

One of the great things about Calgary is the extensive network of bike paths and the Elbow and Bow River are the veins that connect it all. Now, they have taken over the city and it devastating to see my favorite parks, trails and bridges washed away.

Ravenous River via @kirkstokes123

Elbow Falls is one of my family’s favorite haunts just outside of Calgary. It is sobering to see the before and after. Don’t think we’ll be visiting in a couple of weeks.

via @chadmsaunders

The world-famous Calgary Stampede starts on July 5, 2013. The grounds are completely flooded.

Stuart Dryden, Calgary Sun

My brother Pat was golfing with clients in Banff when the deluge hit. He is currently stranded outside of Canmore because the highways are closed.

National Post, Canmore

He and his family live on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Bow River. My niece Emily posted this one:
My sister-in-law Jane, however, is taking it all in stride. She shared the following on Facebook with the caption “Survival Food.”
You will note the Tums.

With the massive clean-up ahead of them, they’re gonna need it.

Follow the flood updates on Twitter at #YYCFlood.

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