Not to state the obvious….

Summer is winding down Chez Canuck. When I have a moment to come up for air (we have family visiting this week), I’ll be sure to write an overview of all our adventures.

And believe me, they are many.

In the interim, enjoy a few profundities from the kiddos.


“Hadley, what were you doing in the backyard?”

“I was just burying worms, Mommy.”

“Oh. Well, it’s dinnertime. Can you please come in and wash up?”


“Um, because you were just burying worms.”


On Monday, we went to Bode’s bestestesetest friend Seanie’s birthday party. One of the main benefits of birthday parties is devouring your spoils afterward.

Hadley: “Hey, Bode. What’re you eating?”

Bode: “A sucker.”

Hadley: “Sounds good! What does it taste like?”

Bode: “A sucker.”

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