Picture help needed!

Jamie bought me a new Sony Vaio laptop in April. Overall, it has been very functional and I enjoy it. But I have had one very big problem from Day 1: my pictures take forever to load.

OK, maybe forever is a bit of a hyperbole. Let’s just say a reallllllllllly long time. The equivalent of 2 days in Amber time.

In the beginning, it would take about 20 minutes to download a few pictures from my iPhone and digital camera. Then it turned to a couple of hours for a batch of 20 pictures.

I can’t do slideshows because each picture takes about 15 seconds to load. Rotating them? Forget it. At least another two minutes per picture.

I’ve been going out of my mind and need advice if any of you have ever had this problem and if so, how do I fix this? Does anyone have any tips on another photo management system I can use to download pictures to my network that is NOT Picasa (which I hate).

Each time I try to download pictures, I am hopeful *this* time will be different.

Some call it early-onset Alzheimers.

But when downloading my latest batch of 25 pictures, I had to throw in the towel when I received this message:

Consider this my official SOS.

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