Sending out a Mom Blog S.O.S.

This is me waving the white flag. Or rather, several white flags in the battleground-that-was-our-house last weekend. Do you see our glorious new duvet and pillow top mattress pad hanging to dry? The Hurricane puked on every single one of them.

Yep, it was one of those weekends and thankfully her stomach flu is on the mend. Do you know the phrase “When it rains, it pours?” I am in the midst of a Hurricane these days. Well, it happens everyday if you count the one I gave birth to.

My stress list:

*I have major deadlines for pulling together a Mile High Mamas booth for the Colorado Women’s Expo next weekend. As in it is 11 days away and ask me if I have even started designing the booth or even know how to do it? Well, don’t ask because my head would assuredly explode.

*I am being hammered with coordinating tons of giveaways for Mother’s Day and the Expo.

*My dad and aunt are coming into town this weekend and our house is a puke-infested, duvet-draped disaster.

*My neighbor is having a huge garage sale next weekend and I want to dump half my household items on her. So, I am at Ground Zero with the worst spring cleaning/house gutting imaginable. Or at least I should be!

*The venue I had carefully scouted last fall for the girl’s camp backpacking trip I am in charge of is no more due to pine beetle infestations. So sometime in the next few weeks, I need to go to the mountains to determine a new backcountry area that will house 20 girls. And their blubbering leader. Then train these girls who have never put a backpack on in their lives that CARRYING 30 POUNDS, EATING RAMEN NOODLES AND SLEEPING ON THE COLD, HARD GROUND? THIS IS FUN!! P.S. Think they’ll like me?

*I just caught wind of another contest that I just won’t be able to adequately promote so this is where you can help me diffuse some stress! The Denver Post’s food editor just announced that we are having a contest for moms everywhere to post your family’s favorite dinner recipe at Mile High Mamas. We will choose the top three recipes and publish them – along with a picture of your family – in the May 7th Food section of the newspaper. In addition to fame and fortune, well, mostly just fame, the winners will receive a cookbook.

So, got any great recipes you can contribute? Got a shotgun I can borrow? It’s all appreciated just the same these days…


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