When your friend is a shower-shimmying, inventing rock star!

Yesterday, I posted that my friend Karla was invited to pitch her invention The Shower Shimmy on Good Morning America’s “Shark Tank Your Life!”

I haven’t talked to Karla much this week as she has been crazed pulling everything together for the show, fulfilling Kickstarter orders and working with the factory. Karla and her husband Ivan were supposed to fly out to NYC yesterday and we assumed all was well until Jamie called her dad Bob to talk about shipping costs.

Bob: “Crazy about Karla getting to NYC, right?”

Jamie: “Wait, what? We haven’t heard anything?”

Bob: “She’s stuck in Detroit and Ivan is in St. Louis. They’re not sure if they’re going to make it to NYC.”

New York City has had a horrid winter and on Thursday, a Delta airplane slide off the runway at LaGuardia Airport. Fortunately, our friends weren’t on that flight but it resulted in the airport being closed down for hours while both of their flights were diverted.

Karla made it into NYC eventually; Ivan is still stuck in St. Louis, which is a REAL bummer because he was the hilarious part of the pitch!

Regardless, Karla did a fabulous job on her own and ended up winning “Shark Tank Your Life!” (Watch the video here).

Who cares if you had a Murphy’s Law experience barely getting there as long as you have the Shark on your side.

Congrats, Karla!


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