Sick kid update, broadcast for the world to hear

Thanks for all your well wishes regarding sick Bode! Jamie found the remote last night so the great gods of Nick Jr. have taken over my Barney hellathon. I will take Dora and Diego any day. Plus, I am rapidly becoming bilingual and can call Haddie on all those words she makes up that she professes are Spanish.

Being unshowered and having a disaster-for-a-home have their advantages. My friend Lisa dropped Haddie off from preschool today. She took one look at me, the house and Bode (OK, so that would be three looks) and said she was taking Haddie for the afternoon. It pays to look like a Crazy Canuck Calamity. This, after I ruined her vacation.

And finally, I was on the Your Kids segment for KOA (one of Denver’s top radio stations) this morning. Robbyn Hart, one of Jamie’s favorite morning news anchors, interviewed me for Mile High Mamas yesterday. You know, the Barney hellathon day. If you want to listen to the podfest and hear what I sound like frazzled and furiously rocking Bode with “I love you, you love me” in the background, click here.

Oh, and please excuse my reference to potty training hell.

Evidently, I say hell. A lot.

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