Signs of the [sickly & crippled] times

Fortunately, the Johnson Clan has turned the corner (though we’re still not 100%). I’ve detailed our many ailments of 2011 of this blog that include perpetual illness, heart surgery and knee traumas.

Unfortunately, my kids have lived it.

Jamie and I have downplayed the gravity of much that has taken place but kids are perceptive. They kinda notice when their mom (a.k.a. the one who normally drags them all over tarnation) is bedridden so they played together a lot.

Hands down, their favorite toys are their abundance of stuffed animals. During healthier times, the animals would go on make-believe hiking adventures, ski down double-black diamond runs and race at the Olympics.

This week, the animals are sick. Bode professes his husky Lolly has a lengthy recovery ahead of him with back surgery and his beloved Tabby is having head surgery.

Let’s hope a nursing home is not in their (our) future.


In related news, here’s a recent conversation I had with my beloved James.

Jamie: “I’ve been going over our financials. I have figured out what we owe for taxes, the heart surgery and the new refrigerator.”

Amber: “So pretty much that means I won’t have knee surgery until 2014?”

Jamie: “Actually, I think that’s a little soon.”

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