Snooked Again: How a Reality TV Star Stole My Moment in the National Spotlight

I was in New York City last weekend presenting these family travel products on the Fox Network’s morning show, Fox and Friends.

I know. I’m still shocked they would even allow The Amber Show to be broadcast nationally.

Grant, a publicist in Arizona, arranged the gig after I appeared for his clients on the Tom Martino Show. He claimed my fun interaction with the hosts and thorough presentation of the products far surpassed anyone he has ever seen. He promised that when he booked a national segment, I would be his top choice.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that my smooth performance on the Martino Show was the exception, not the rule.

This is me we’re talking about.

Grant was true to his word and he flew me to New York City on Friday. I had just one day to prep and did not even see most of the products until I arrived at the hotel the night before I was supposed to be on-air.

I was just a wee bit stressed out.

I stayed up late that night assembling everything in a cram session that would have impressed any college student. After just a few hours of sleep, I groggily arose at 5:30 a.m. (3:30 a.m. Denver time) and hauled my lot to the FOX studios by 6:30 a.m. Laura, the segment producer, and her intern helped me setup.

From there, it was onto hair and make-up where the artist professed I just needed a touch-up on the latter but the former looked absolutely perfect.

I must admit I was having an embarrassingly good hair day.

I waited in the green room until it was my call time, uncharacteristically calm. The production staff put me at ease and Clayton (one of the co-hosts) had just had a baby so the ambiance was celebratory. What could go wrong?

An inebriated New Jersey woman, that’s what.

Throughout the show, they heavily teased a story about a floozy from MTV’s Jersey Shores named Snooki who had been arrested for disorderly conduct. Evidently, Snooki’s drunken escapades were big news.

By the time co-hosts Dave and Clayton got around to my segment, time was short. I had humorous anecdotes and compelling entrepreneurial stories that would have moved anyone (even Snooki) to tears. But it didn’t happen because my 5-minute segment was slashed in half. This happens regularly in TV but I was frustrated that the producers had not told me. Otherwise, I would have ensured that all the products were quickly highlighted instead of getting abruptly cutoff after only presenting three.

When it was over, I stood there in disbelief. My feelings were reminiscent of when I scored the most prominent spot in the TODAY show crowd at the 2010 Vancouver Games. I was ready for my moment in the national spotlight…until Matt Lauer stood smack in front of me.

Though trust me: it’s much worse to get hijacked by someone named Snooki.

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