So it begins (the ski season, that is)

We’re in the throes of ski season and are having a grand ol’ time. Last week, we hit Echo Mountain (details forthcoming), two weeks ago, it was Park City Mountain Resort and in a few weeks we’ll be skiing Telluride followed by Crested Butte Mountain Resort.

My torn meniscus is throbbing just thinking about it all.

When we were at Park City Mountain Resort, we enrolled the kids in their their Signature 3 and 5 ski school classes. Bode was delighted to meet THE “Frosty the Snowman” (he had the name tag to prove it) while Hadley was greeted by a fun-loving instructor:

“Hadley, I am going to be your butler today. Do you know what a butler is?”
She shook her head.
“I will do anything you want and will also bring you hot cocoa.”

He has hereby set the bar too high for all future suitors.

With the children happily in their classes, Jamie and I braced ourselves for the onslaught of holiday skiers but were shocked to practically have the mountain to ourselves for the first two hours.

Around 11 a.m., the lines started picking up but we didn’t care. We had found some great stashes of untracked powder that the resort had received in the last 24 hours and marveled at the unprecedented 84-inch base that early in the season.

For lunch, we had the best burger and nachos on this earth at Legends Bar & Grill (I exaggerate not. Jamie spends the entire year craving these bad boys). We skied a fun runs after that but we knew it was time to call it a day as we stood in the long line at the Silverlode lift. Some funky music was blasting and my husband muttered something to me.

Me: “What did you say? You want to sing the blues?”
Jamie “No, I said ‘I want to see the Boos!” (Our nickname for the children).

I blamed it on the helmet…and blond hair underneath it.

We retrieved two very jubilant children whose instructors had filled out a through progress report for us to track. Bode’s teacher said he had a great attitude and was working on stopping with a wedge (though he excelled at going straight). This was not a surprise.

We did, after all, name him after ski racing legend Bode Miller.

As for Hadley, she learned how to skate ski across flat terrain and mastered linking her wedge turns. She is apparently already plotting her escape from us.

“Mommy, how old do I have to be to ski without you and Daddy?”

And so it begins.

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