Spelling Bees Need Not Apply

With the advent of winter, I have been looking for some indoor workout options. In keeping with my north-of-the-border roots (which are still loyally planted in tundra), I actually love running in the rain and snow but those two beings I gave birth to prefer not to get pelted and drenched whilst sequestered in their stroller.

Go figure.

So I requested a used elliptical for Christmas. You know, because I need somewhere else to hang my clothes that collects dust.

Jamie has been shopping around on Craigslist. He did a search and found one that had previously been listed out of our price range, but they recently knocked an extra $200 off.

“I contacted the lady via phone and email!” he announced proudly.

“Great, hopefully we hear back.”

“I don’t think she will have many inquiries on it.”

“Oh, why not?”

“She spelled eliptical [sic] wrong.”

“Really? How did you find it?”

“Because I couldn’t spell it, either.”

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