Tangled in a Ponzi Scheme and My Fun Win!

What do Disney’s new flick Tangled and a Ponzi scheme have in common?

Nothing. I just chose to include them in the same post.

I have oodles going on before my mother-in-law flies in to take care of the kiddos while Jamie and I go on our cruise aboard the Norwegian Epic.

In the midst of the chaos, the kids and I attended a prescreening of Tangled, which hits theaters next week. Read what we thought of it and why I have more in common with Rapunzel than I care to admit (and it ain’t a good thing).


Almost two years ago, Denver was caught up in a scandal when it was revealed Bishop Shawn Merriman was involved in a $20 million Ponzi scheme. There were many victims but no one was more blindsided by his betrayal than his own wife and four children.

The press obsessively followed the trial and conviction but his poor family stayed in the shadows. I recently found out that his resilient now-ex-wife Andrea started a blog and is an amazing, powerful and inspiring writer.

I asked her to guest-post at Mile High Mamas this week and guaranteed, you’ll be as mesmerized by her worst nightmare as I am. In our three-part series, Andrea shares how she learned the horrible truth, the day the Feds came to confiscate everything and where she is today.

Go. Read. Comment. And thank your blessings for an honest spouse.


On Tuesday, I was having a rough day due to some frustrating news I received. As I was moping around, I got a note from my friend and former BlogHer roommate Loralee.

If you’ve never read her blog Loralee’s Looney Tunes, be sure to check it out. The girl is laugh-out-loud irreverent and has had her share of trials such as losing her son Matthew (which she blogs openly about). It has been wonderful to watch her blog grow from near-obscurity to one of the most popular mommy blogs.

Anyhew, Loralee had emailed to let me know I had won her Favorite Things birthday contest.

This was amazing for a few reasons:
1) I rarely enter contests

2) I rarely win contests (well, with the exception of a little one that sent me to the Olympics).

3) I won a treasure-trove of darling products (check them all out here) that included A GUSSY Tote Bag ($68), Saucy Frocks Apron ($35), A ribboned-hemmed skirt by Prairie Mama ($40), “Sweet & Simple Birdie Necklace” by Lisa Leonard Designs ($58.00), Rosette Cuff by Allora Handmade ($16), Petal Pusher Posy from The Pleated Poppy ($15), Filigree Verdigris Brass – Barcelona Earrings, and last but definitely not least, The FIRST edition of Where Women Cook out on Dec.1st!!!! ($16) (This magazine is a project Loralee is actively involved in so you know it’s good).

Best news of all? I was no longer down-in-the-dumps. So, if you ever want to cheer me up?

Materialism works wonders.

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