The Birthday Girl

You will have to indulge me with my next few posts because they are for the grandparents to see the happenings of Haddie’s birthday party.

And also for me. I can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, let alone parties from years past. Anything I do not record is forever lost in my cranial void.

For the first time ever, I read some of Haddie’s letters to her and I am so glad to have made that record the past several years. She grinned with delight, laughed at the various pictures and marveled at my writing, “Wow, Mommy. You sure use juicy words!”

I’d like that on my tombstone.

But anyhew, back to my grandparent indulgence. Haddie’s seventh birthday started out with a bang that included her favorite breakfast on the “You Are Special Plate” (raspberries, bacon and Einstein Bros. Bagel Poppers), a surprise lunchroom visit from me to deliver a piece of birthday cake….

….a picture with the uncooperative cat and a family dinner at Chuck E. Cheese.

Some of these things were obviously much better than the others.

I’m not one to go overboard on birthday presents but I did this year because she was in dire need of some items like a new bedspread, craft supplies and clothes.

Hadley also went crazy for her new Chameleon Crocs. I was sent a pair for each child to review at Mile High Mamas but never imagined what a huge hit they would be. The reason? They change color when exposed to the sunlight.

I feel seriously gypped Crocs doesn’t make them in adult sizes.

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chris bought her a new cooking set (important for an aspiring Casa Bonita chef), my parents bought her a new outfit and her first watch (note to self: teach her to tell time) and Grandma Johnson got her an amazing easel from IKEA. Hadley has transformed her room into an art studio and is so inspired she is planning a curbside “Art Stand” to sell her treasures.

And so it begins.

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