The Broadmoor: The Highlights (and Looooowlight)

Our latest trip to The Broadmoor was in trade for a write-up I did in their beautiful glossy magazine about the White Lights Ceremony and I was delighted it came out during our stay.And yep, those kiddos are mine were the starring models!

Pool Perfection

Our brunch was delicious, Hadley’s birthday was astounding but do you know what the highlight was? An afternoon at the pool. Now, to put this into context: Remember that I don’t like the water, which automatically discounts pools? Well, that’s a big fat usually.

We were assigned a glorious cabana adjacent to the water slides with plenty of shade, water, towels and a cabana boy at our beck and call for any drink or food that fit our fancy. The kids raced down the slides all afternoon, occasionally venturing over to the infinity pool. Anticipating I’d have to entertain them, I’d worn my swim suit but was delighted the only service they required of me was to stuff ‘em full of food. And so there I leisurely lounged on that perfect afternoon.

At one point I looked over at Hadley languidly sipping her milkshake and asked her what she thought of the experience. “Paradise,” she declared.

I couldn’t agree more.

The Spa

Jamie’s sister generously watched the kids at the pool while Jamie and I slipped out for a couple’s massage at The Broadmoor’s world-class spa. Jamie is a connoisseur of massages and if he could, would get them daily to help ease up his back pain.  His review of his experience? It was his best massage ever. Likely in part because of the talented masseuse and also because of his explicit instructions I wasn’t allowed to talk during the entire thing. Something about relaxation.

I, too loved our experience and have never been in such an opulent spa. No detail was left undone. The robes and massage tables were heated. The Mountain View Room (where we waited for our massage while sipping on flavored water and munching on healthy snacks) overlooked the manicured golf course with Cheyenne Mountain standing sentry in the background. And, if we’re being honest here, this was another highlight as well.
Or would that be loooooooowlight.

Miscellaneous Broadmoor Fun

The Boys

Dinner at The Summit

The Crazies

The Birds

When we were walking to the pool, we happened upon some birds of prey. Hadley has decided birds (particularly owls) even surpass Fat Kitty in coolness and begged to hold one.

“I’m sorry,” the volunteer kindly explained. “I’ll get in trouble if I let you do it.”
“I won’t tell anyone,” Hadley whispered.


Paddleboating Olympics

I can’t explain it but I’m always drawn to paddleboats, which is one of those activities that looks like so much fun…until you actually start doing it. The Broadmoor offers rentals on the pristine Cheyenne Lake. Because there were five of us and only four per boat, Jamie offered to sit out. I countered him saying he should go.

“No, Amber. This is your dream.”

I don’t know if that was generous or pathetic.

Lisa and I paddled around the lake spying on the swans and baby cygnets, never pausing to rest. As we made our way back, she asked if I was tired and needed a break.

“TIRED? This is my dream. I’ve been training for it.”

From the look she gave me, I think I need a new dream.

Glorious Sleep

I have never slept on a more comfortable bed than at The Broadmoor. Apparently Bode agreed because this is how I found him on our final morning.

I didn’t ever want to wake up from my dreamland either, Buddy.

The Aspiring Staff Photographer

As we were checking out at the end of our wonderful stay, Hadley asked if she could go outside to take some final photographs.

Quite appropriately, I found her with her baby swans…a rather appropriate farewell.

Until next time (because we’re hoping there will be one!!!)

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