The Day the World Stopped Turning

That day was not when my miserable allergies turned into a killer sinus infection.

Though at times it feels like the end of the world.

*Note: autographed copies of me snorting salt water with my netti pot are available upon request.

Or that thanks to my babysitting parents, Jamie and I were finally able to see Bourne Ultimatum (possibly the best action flick I’ve ever seen). This, after several weeks of being rejected/flaked on by babysitters. You know: that same species we throw our money at so they can sit on our couch and eat our food.

That day, the world rocked.

Or the fact that today was the Hurricane’s first day of preschool.

Au contraire. For six blessed hours each week, there will be peace in the world.

But rather, the day the world stopped turning was when I went to Super Target to buy some rolls.

And came out with only rolls.

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