The game’s winners and losers

Last weekend’s winners

1) Partying it up at the Arvada Harvest Festival’s fun booths and midway.

We were really just in it for the over-sized turkey legs.

2) Bode’s first soccer game of the fall season. The little dude is a master dribbler and scored two goals.

He actually got three but the sore losers on the other team said it didn’t count because they weren’t ready yet. Not ready for Bode to score on them again.

3) Jamie golfing with the boys at Keys on the Green in glorious Evergreen, Colorado. One of the bonuses of playing in the mountains is it’s not uncommon to run into entire herds of elk.

He’s a winner because he’s one of those dudes who poses for a picture an arm’s throw away and didn’t get gouged.

4) While Dad was risking life, limb and backside on the golf course, the kids and I were winners because we bought their Halloween costumes from the local thrift store and went to celebrate the money we saved at Yogurtland.
Oatmeal cookie frozen yogurt? We’re now converts.

5) Playing on Squiggles, a 343-foot “Seasaurus” at the Arvada Center Playground. There were two winners here.

a) The kids delighted in scaling the entirety of Squiggles’ concrete and steel backside and getting sprayed by water misters every hour. Other cool features: The “Talking Trash Cans” that talk back when you throw away garbage, the huge sandbox and three additional concrete sculptures.

b) I was a winner because I bought a book at the thrift store and let the kids play to their heart’s content while I kicked back in the shade and read the entire book.

Last weekend’s’ loser

Jamie, who unceremoniously dumped my cherished Canadian flag chair into the garbage at Bode’s soccer game.

Trashing the hallowed Maple Leaf? He may have avoided The Gouging of the Elk but trust me, he’d better watch his backside because the wife’s wrath is that much worse.

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