The launch of a dream: please support!

Earlier this year, we went to dinner with our good friends Karla and Ivan. They’re the kind of friends you adore (we even went on a cruise with them a few years back) but due to crazy schedules, you only see each other a couple of times a year.

Well, Karla dropped a bombshell on us: she had become a chemist, businesswoman and patent attorney that year.

My biggest accomplishments were I did some fun hikes and slept for eight hours straight one night.

For background, Jamie grew up with Ivan and I met Karla shortly after Jamie and I got married. She and I are born on the same day (same year, even) and she is an award-winning dance teacher. In fact, her teams sweep nationals every year because she’s just that accomplished and driven.

Well, her latest passion began one day after cleaning her shower. She had her squeegee, grout scrubber, sponge…and a huge mess. She was fed up so started researching online to see if there was an all-in-one tool for the shower and was shocked to learn it hadn’t been invented.

The Shower Shimmy took her literally hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, tears and a newly-acquired ulcer but I’m really proud of Karla because she launched it on Kickstarter today and she has already reached 1/4 of her funding goal. She’s a go-getter extraordinaire and is auditioning for Shark Tank next week!

My goal next week is to drag myself to boot camp three times.

In addition to inventing this awesome 3-in-1 tool that hangs in your shower, she developed a cleaning solution that not only smells great and is non-toxic but was tested at Microbac laboratories and received the top score and tested as well as the top non-environmentally-friendly cleaner on the market!

Shower Shimmy

All of this, she did from her home (with the exception of the Shower Shimmy cleaning tools that a factory in China has been assembling. We’ll discuss all that drama another day).

Karla originally asked Jamie and me to help with her Kickstarter launch but we were both slammed so referred her to a friend who referred her to a dishonest guy who stole her money and didn’t deliver. So, Jamie and I took over and the last few months have been filled with Jamie building the Shower Shimmy website and me helping her with the social media.

Never did I think I could be passionate about a shower-cleaning tool but my gosh, I actually look forward to cleaning my shower now and it has never looked better.

If that isn’t a raving endorsement for a former shower-cleaning-hater, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, we’d love your help!!!! Her Kickstarter campaign kicks off today and will run for 45 days but we’re trying to meet her goal before her audition next week. The Shower Shimmy + Super Cleaning Solution with FREE shipping is just $15!  When you consider that a squeegee alone is $12 or more, the Shower Shimmy is an amazing value.

Be sure to order here:

Ivan has been incredibly supportive. I mean, he even did a nekkid shower scene in their funny promotional video!

Introducing the Shower Shimmy! from Shower Shimmy on Vimeo.

But Karla tested his limits during all of her cleaning solution experiments, causing him to set the rule “Only one weird thing at a time.” Jamie would like to implement the same policy with me. I say “good luck with that.”

And I wish Karla the best, best of luck!



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