The Science of Gluttony

Our Thanksgiving turned into a marvelous day of gluttony and gladness! We started the day with a trek up Turkey Trot trail. The hike was great; getting there was not and we almost missed our turn. The smarter option would have been to keep going and flip a U-turn. But hunky hubby would have none of that. Admitting you almost went the wrong way is equal unto the horror of asking directions. So at the very last second (as we had passed our exit), he did a sharp left turn, thereby dumping my entire water bottle onto my lap. Full of ice-cold water. Nothin’ like hiking with dripping wet “pee pants.”

As I leaked along the trail, Haddie hiked a good portion of it herself for the first time. Jamie then took over and hauled her up the mountain. We were only a half hour into the trek when he announced he was done.

“Done?” I asked. “How could we be done? We’re not even a quarter of the way. How am I going to justify those extra four pieces of pie I’m going to eat?”

“I just don’t want to wear myself out for the rest of the day.”

“Wear yourself out from doing what? Watching football lazed out on the couch and then stuffing your face with food the rest of the day?


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