The Siri saga continues: The affair edition

I continue to fight against The Children about highjacking Siri on my iPhone.

I decided to make some changes of my own and Siri is now a ‘he.’ Yep, that’s right. I have a hot man with an Australian accent lovingly guiding me through life and directions, which is a lot more soothing than a frustrated American husband raging “why can’t you just follow the map?!”

Australian male Siri understands.

Interestingly enough in some countries (including France and the U.K.), Siri debuted with a male voice. The dominant gender stereotypes in different nations helped determine whether Siri was endowed with a male or female voice.

Last night, Jamie walked by my iPhone and the other man Siri randomly started talking to him.

Jamie: “What on earth was that?”

Me: “Siri. She has had a sex change. And he has an Australian accent.”

Jamie: “I don’t feel comfortable with you cheating on me.”

We’ll call it a virtual one.

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