The Waldorf Rebels (plastic, anyone?)

If you’re not familiar with the Waldorf model of schools, they are very artsy and put a lot of focus on preserving the environment and clean living.

I’m down with that. I’m a recycling Nazi, always bring reusable grocery bags to the store and shun most processed foods by cooking our meals from scratch.

However, on the first day of school I packed Hadley’s school supplies in (gasp) a plastic grocery bag because I knew she’d never remember to bring the bag home and you know what?

I was the only one on campus with (gasp) plastic.

The school actually requests we pack healthy lunches and use reusable containers (i.e. no Ziplocs). This has stressed my friend Amie out to the point she FREAKS OUT her daughter will get flogged if she brings junk food to school.

Likely not flogging but I’m sure a jury trial would be involved.

But I got the following email from her yesterday:

Title: OMGOSH!

This morning a big tub of cheese balls were spotted being given to Hadley’s teacher. It created a quite a stir BUT they were not unwelcome. Hadley’s teacher just said, “They aren’t very Waldorf but your know kids just have to eat!” Bravo! So you can breathe a sigh of relief that they have balance! Great! take care, Amie

Whew! Tomorrow, I’ll slip a Rice Krispie treat into her lunch.

Because I’m a rebel like that.

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