Today: Church basketball. Tomorrow: the Ironman

Last week was thankfully Jamie’s final week of church basketball and it is the first season he has survived unscathed. For so many years, he had heart problems. Last year, he cracked a rib the first game. This year, our friend Phil took the fall for the team and is going in for knee surgery in a few weeks.

There is one thing that has been giving Jamie problems: his knees (errr…or would that be two?) Particularly when he hikes or carries the kids, it worsens the condition. Since our return from our backpacking trip to Moab, he has been hobbling around more than usual.

Last week, the kids and I watched his final basketball game. Both teams forfeited because only three guys on each side showed up. Instead of calling it a night like rational old men should do, they did the irrational and tried to relive their youth by playing 3-on-3 for an entire hour.

It wasn’t pretty.

That night, as we snuggled in bed I asked him how his knees were doing.

“Oh, they’re fine. They don’t hurt at all.”

“They don’t hurt at all? After running up and down the court for an hour?”

“Correction, Amber. After walking up and down the court for an hour.”

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