When Lightning Strikes…Twice

Part of our family’s bedtime ritual is to pile onto our king-sized bed, play, wrestle, and launch off the edge, nearly cracking our head open (at least that is what happened to Bode last night when Jamie was left in charge for two milliseconds).

We also say prayers. The Hurricane’s petition is usually in line with mumbling something undecipherable in Arabic like she’s praying to Mecca. And so last night, we decided to walk her through the steps of prayer.

Me: First, we address who we are talking to.
Hadley: Heavenly Father.
Me: That’s right! And then we tell him the things we are grateful for. What things make you happy?
Hadley: She included family, preschool, dance class and for once that good-for-nothing dog of Uncle Chris did not make the list.
Me: Next, we ask Him for something. For me, I ask Him to bless me with a good night’s sleep.
Jamie: Yeah, me too.
Me: Hadley, what do you want to ask from Heavenly Father?”
Hadley: TREATS!

Jamie and I both chuckled at the beauty of childhood innocence. And then I saw him step forward as her loving mentor, her spiritual beacon. I waited, fully expectant that he would gently correct her, instructing her that in our prayers, we ask for help with something in our lives or to bless someone who is in need.

At last he spoke.

Jamie: I’m changing my request to treats, too.

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