Why Bart and Home are NOT on PBS Kid’s Club

Upon returning home from an afternoon with Grandma, I was eager to spend time with Hadley. Unfortunately, Jamie had other ideas. Y’see, before we were married, he was addicted to a little show the nation loves called The Simpson’s. I am not among the populace of adoring fans and make myself scarce whenever he watches it on occasion.

So when Haddie walked in the door, Jamie was glued to Bart and Homer. She barely took one look at me as she rushed past my adoring arms and plopped herself down on her Spongebob couch to watch with Jamie. Before long, that same glazed expression that overcomes her father when he watches The History Channel came onto her face.

“No, no, no!” I objected. “It’s bad enough YOU have to watch it but to expose our innocent child to this spawn-of-the-devil show?”

“Honey,” Jamie reasoned. “Studies have shown that children can actually learn more by watching The Simpson’s than Barney. Of course, the backlash of this study is the things they subsequently learned are morally wrong.”

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