A KEEN Review: Our Family’s Favorite Adventure Footwear!

I rarely do reviews on my blog unless I’m a huge fan of the product. So, I had to chuckle when I was contacted by KEEN footwear to try out some shoes from their back-to-school line-up.  Looking at our collection, let’s just say we are a KEEN-loving family and each of us owns at least two pairs.

The “KEEN” Johnson Family

Why? Quality. I shop consignment/thrift stores/clearance for the majority of my kids’ clothing but there are two areas where I absolutely do not skimp on quality: 1) Shoes and 2) Outerwear (jackets, gloves,  hats, etc.) And KEEN absolutely has some of the best, most durable shoes that are perfect for Colorado kids. I don’t mind paying a bit more when I know they will last.

Hadley’s top choice to try out were the Luna Boot, a stylin’ soft suede upper and non-marking rubber sole.

However, KEEN ended up sending her choice No. 2: the Jamison.

Though there were plenty of more feminine color options, I was delighted when she chose the black and true red. The reason? Hand-me-downs for little brother in a couple of years (because believe me, they’ll last).

The Jamisons were waiting for us upon our return to Canada and I’ll admit I forgot about them until the second day of Avid4Adventure’s Survival Camp last week.

“Can I wear them?”

“Wear what?”

“My new shoes!”

Hmmm…KEEN’s athletic shoes at adventure camp? No-brainer. I generally like the kiddos to break their shoes in before putting them to the test in the backcountry but I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. With abrasion resistant and breathable mesh, they’re not only lightweight but the non-marking rubber outsole is durable and can also be worn inside for gym class. They’re easy on and off with a secure fit lace capture system (read: you don’t need to hassle with shoe-tying).

I need not have worried: no breaking in was necessary and they were adventure-ready from the start. She didn’t get any hot spots or blisters.

Hadley’s review after several days of hiking, building fires, shelters and adventuring in her new KEENs? “I love them!”

And believe me, if she didn’t like them, she’d let me know loud and clear.

I worked with JAM Media Collective on this post, and received a pair of Keen Jamisons at no cost for the purposes of performing this review.  All opinions are my own. And Hadley’s. Because she is opinionated.

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