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So, we survived Spring Break. Barely. Two Snow Days + Seven Days of Spring Break = One Tired Mama. The weather was chilly so we tried to keep busy indoors by decorating Easter eggs, having playdates, going swimming, watching the cliff divers at Casa Bonita, and discovering THE COOLEST story time ever with a toy library and hilarious librarian performer.

All in all, not a bad week.

My dear friend Isabelle is arriving from France this week and we will be swept up in a whirlwind of taking in all that Colorado has to offer. And stuffing ourselves silly with all that glorious European chocolate she has brought with her.

Just remember: Friends Bring Friends Chocolate.


I attended a social media class last weekend held by the lovely Beckie of Tech Talk for Moms. It was a great class to remind me that I have dropped the ball in so many areas when it comes to this blog. And so after the inception of this blog 25 years ago, I finally added a Share Button that enables folks to StumbleUpon, Tweet, Digg, etc. after each post. I also added a subscribe button to my right-hand sidebar. If you don’t do RSS Feeds, I also included a box for folks to receive a notice via email whenever I post.

That way, you won’t lose sleep thinking you missed something I wrote. I know I do.



On the last night of Spring Break, Hadley stole a cucumber from the fridge. Yes, you heard correctly. And she took it upstairs to swing it as a bat at Bode, who was substituting as the ball.

He does have a really round head.

Jamie eventually told her to take it back down to the fridge. She refused.

“Hadley, I said please put it away.”

“Can’t do it, Daddy. You need to do it for me.”

“I will not do it for you. I wasn’t the one who got it out.”

“And that’s why you should do it. I got it out–you put it away. You know: taking turns!”

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