And the party continues….

Yesterday, Bode finally got patched up at the orthopedic surgeon’s. Here’s a tip for you: if you’ve ever going to break anything or get deathly ill, don’t do it over a holiday weekend because no one is around to fix it.

I had to wait until Monday to call the surgeon to schedule an appointment. Now, this was after spending several sleepless nights with The Boy as he wailed and thrashed around. We just wanted to transition to the healing process so when the scheduler told me they couldn’t fit him in for another week to get a cast, let’s just say it didn’t go over well.

The squeaky wheel wins. They “miraculously” found me an opening at a location up north.

When we arrived, I had Bode help me fill out his paperwork, which was about the funniest thing I could have done. When I queued how it happened, he replied:

“I stood on the crate and den I fell.

He was the youngest in the orthopedic office by about 60 years so everyone fawned over him, especially the staffers when they offered him a cookie and he brought me a heart-shaped one. The kid’s a charmer, even when in pain.

I’ve never broken anything so it was pretty fascinating to watch the casting process. Bode was in good spirits. In fact, I can’t get him to ham it up for the camera even in the best of times!

Stay tuned tomorrow for just how much the kid is working it.

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