Birthday Boy

Bode’s first birthday was a smashing success, mostly because for once in my life I kept it stress-free. Go figure. I never even knew this kind of world existed.

In the morning, we hit the local pool. The kids are in the midst of two straight weeks of swim lessons in the great outdoors. I am more shocked than anyone that this has been one of the highlights of my summer. Me. Water. Sun. Enjoyment? Go figure again.

Hadley has overcome her aversion to getting her face wet, one of the many stellar attributes she has inherited from me (your welcome, Sweetie). Bode is a veritable fish and loves to be dunked, though he can’t grasp the minor detail of closing his mouth. Or maybe chlorine is just his beverage de choix.

I miraculously timed their lessons to coincide with some of Denver’s most sweltering temperatures. And this Canuck has subsequently not complained even once about the heat. I know, the biggest shocker of all.

We then had a little pool party luncheon at our place with some neighborhood friends and that night, Jamie’s family came over for a BBQ.

Bode did splendidly in the demented ritual of inhaling his cake. He hesitated for a moment before diving in, relishing the feeling of cool icing slithering through his fingers. He took the occasional bite but then did something that shocked us all. Something we are still trying to figure out who taught him this.

I believe it is called the ritual of sharing food.

Or rather, smashing it.

Oh, and of course there were presents that included a Learning Home, clothes, pirate ship, Spiderman doll and a dump truck. This photo was taken after Jamie socked Bode in the head with his present.

I guess I shouldn’t talk. I failed to mention that during our little pool party, I turned on the new pool’s sprinkler with Bode sitting adjacent. I thought a light trickle would ooze out.

I was wrong.

Think Enema of the Face.

Happy Birthday, Son.

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