Blogging: World Domination Tour

We have had a grand weekend chez Canuck. Grandma had the kids over for a sleepover on Friday while Jamie and I had a date night that continued into the morning. We were at the trailhead of my favorite hike shortly after sunrise. I know that most people don’t wake-up at 5 a.m. on their “morning off” but I established my sleep issues long ago. And when else would I have had time to bake 10 loaves of pumpkin bread, clean the house and blog?

Well, I guess normal people do it between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

And then it was off to to church for that-thing-I-vowed-I-would-never-attend again: Super Saturday. This is where once a year, good little Mormon girls congregate to relish in the joys of domesticity by making crafts. Everyone except for me. More later on why Super Saturday still sucketh.

That night, our dinner group met at The Melting Pot for a dress rehearsal of The Gluttony That is Thanksgiving. We carpooled with our punctuality-obsessed neighbors, who were undoubtedly thrilled when Jamie took the wrong exit that led us on a 15-minute detour through the mountains. And yes, I am that kind of wife who will mention this little experience every time he attempts to criticize my superior navigational skills.

Because is that not what marriage is all about?


Bloggers unite: I need your help! I am doing a Blogging: World Domination Tour this week at Mile High Mamas. In an attempt to recruit more bloggers, I (a.k.a. The Least Technical Person in the World) wrote about how to start a blog. I included a brief blurb about the various blogging hosts but would be ever-so grateful if you would leave a comment about how you got started and your likes/dislikes of the service you use.

Don’t forget to read the hilarious tongue-in-cheek commentary I included at the end of the post: How to start your blog in fifty-one easy steps. If I was a morning coffee drinker, I would have assuredly spewed it all over the screen when I first read this post dedicated unto blogging addicts.

Oh, and make sure to drop by on Monday and leave the link to your all-time favorite post. All our Mommy Bloggers are writing about theirs this week and I can’t wait to read yours.

You know, in all my spare time at 5 a.m.

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