We’re CLOSED (and that’s a good thing!)

We officially closed on our home today and will move in Saturday!

We’re relieved to finally be able to settle in but our time in Park City will forever be treasured. October has always been my favorite month but in the mountains, fall’s splendor comes earlier. I was momentarily sad to think about how much I love October in Denver but then I realized I’d take a hundred Park City Septembers over one Denver October. Autumn leave are nature’s stained glass here. Golds. Scarlets. Mahoganies. Russets. Whether in moody muted light or brightly lighted, we have relished Park City’s fall in all its deciduous glory.

I’m fiercely independent (I wonder where Hadley gets it from) but this move has been a lesson in humility as I’ve had to ask for help. I could not have survived the last 45 days without these two. Kristen for renting us her glorious townhome and acquainting me with Park City’s wonders. Sarah for saving me 50+ hours in the car by taking Bode in the mornings and to soccer. I’ve been missing my Colorado tribe something fierce but I am so grateful to the many new friends who are selflessly helping us build our new life. 

As I was driving the kids to school, Jamie called to tell me we would be able to close today and asked if I would go to the house and take some pictures of what was finally ours. At almost the exact moment it became official.

Terrible lighting of our cute blue door

View from our deck

Deck View Part 2

Panorama shot makes our deck look huge (it’s not)

Kids’ view near the neighborhood bus stop

Ours. It’s been 10 months and coming but it’s good to be (almost) home.

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