Disneyland: If the VIP Badge Fits…

I am fully aware and so grateful for the travel opportunities I have had in my life. My parents taught me that it doesn’t matter how much money you have–you can always travel. My childhood was spent exploring the most glorious lakes, mountains and campgrounds and I have wonderful memories.

Well, mostly. Except for the time Mom and I were so badly sunburned at Priest Lake, ID we blistered and spent the rest of the trip cursing the boys’ olive skin.

Travel isn’t just a part of my kids’ life, it has become an important part of who they are. Always in question is “where are we going next?” and an adventure, even if it’s in our own backyard, is always on the horizon. About 95 percent of our life is pretty normal; that 5 percent is awesome and we get special access to some really cool things. I’ve found out this can be good and bad.

A couple of years ago, we were invited to Keystone’s Kidtopia and the kids wore “VIK” (Very Important Kid) badges. Apparently, that left an indelible imprint on normally-humble Bode.

When we were at Disneyland for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, families were given “guest” badges to wear, which gave them access to the special events. When we were waiting in line for the Jungle Cruise, someone asked Bode about it.

“Oh, it just says ‘guest’ but I really wish it said ‘VIP.’”

Big head much?

Whether he was  VIP or a guest, this kid had the time of his life at Disneyland as was evidenced at the end of each night.

P.S. Just pretend Luigi is Mickey.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the 2014 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. The conference fee I paid included discounted lodging and park tickets for my family and sponsor swag. The runDisney fun run was included as a part of the conference and I was not required to blog about it or any sponsors.

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