Duct Tape Man Does Hurricane Sandy


Between Jessica Ridgeway’s horrific murder and Hurricane Sandy, I’ve been watching a lot of news lately (in fact, CNN is currently playing in the background). My heart goes out to all those impacted by this storm.

My brother Jade lives in New Jersey and was one of only five people who showed up for work yesterday (common sense obviously does not run in our family). Further evidence: When he was Duct Tape Man for Halloween. I’ve been following his Facebook wall to see how he waged the storm. His latest update:

Many years ago I successfully repaired a light fixture I broke in my parent’s bathroom with black hockey tape. I used this knowledge obtained from youth last night as my fence laid broken in two during the storm. Instead of reaching for the tool bag I grabbed the hockey bag instead once again and patched it up with some hockey laces! It withstood the storm, a valuable lesson to all.

Lesson learned.
ADDENDUM: After publishing this on my blog, my brother posted the following new profile picture on Facebook of him waging a battle against Hurricane Sandy. Monster: created.

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