Family Profundities

It’s official: Bode has been tooling me.

This was confirmed yesterday when I dropped him off for a brief sojourn at Child Watch while I worked out. He had been fussy and moody since wake-up so I was a bit hesitant to leave him. But upon my return, he was sitting up with his back to me while he giggled and played with some of the other babies. Until he spotted Mama. Then the flood works started as he wailed, “You wouldn’t believe how miserable I’ve been without you.”

Busted! All your sage comments yesterday and that little experience have confirmed to me that Bode needs this little separation as much as I do. I mean, I don’t want to be the kid’s prom date fer heaven’s sake.

In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, we are model parents and human beings in general. To illustrate my case, I thought I’d include just a few of our more recent conversations:

How the Holocaust Began

Jamie: Hadley, who has brown eyes?
Hadley: I do!
Jamie: Who else?
Hadley: Daddy and Bode!
Jamie: What about Mommy?
Hadley: Noooooo. Her eyes are BLUE!
Jamie: Should we put her in a concentration camp?
Hadley: (ecstatically): Yes!
Amber: Nice. Thanks Haddie and Daddy Hitler.

Sleepy Sunday Morning Snuggles

Jamie: Did you know it snowed again last night?
Amber: Really, when?
Jamie: When it was dark outside.

When My Druggist Becomes Self-Serving

Given my inability to stave off any illness, Jamie has me on a strict supplement regimen to boost my immunity.

Jamie: I just wanted to let you know I have put you on a new vitamin, Tribulus. It helps with a number of different things, including increasing your muscle tone.
Amber: Sounds good.
Jamie: There’s something else you should know. It does have some side effects.
Amber: Oh no. What?
Jamie: An increase in libido.

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