Welcome to the Real World

Dear people who can eat anything they want and never gain a pound: what a world you must live in!

I’ve inherited many wonderful attributes from my family but a stellar metabolism is not one of them. It’s funny to look at our wedding pictures because Jamie’s side of the family is all long and lean while my side is short and stout. Sure, I love great food but I work out constantly, eat healthy most of the time and yet…yet…I’ve been gaining and losing the same 25 pounds my entire life.

I recently rejoined boot camp and love getting my butt whipped into shape but the weight is so much tougher to lose, particularly as I age. I have zero aspirations to be in a size 6 but maintaining a weight that I’m comfortable with is a tough cookie.

Darn the food reference.

At the beginning of the month, Jamie and I both started on a healthier regimen and this week, he expressed his frustrations.

“I don’t get it. I’ve been eating kind of healthy and exercising and usually I’m able to easily lose weight but it’s just not falling off like it usually does.”

Welcome to the world the rest of us have always lived in, James.

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