The Land of the Lost

Alright, alright. As soon as people start querying if you’re still alive, you realize you need to post to your neglected blog.

It’s just I’m really, really busy and the 2.5 hours Bode is in kindergarten is not nearly enough time to tackle everything.

And so this here blog often falls victim.

In addition to working our butts off, here is a small sample of our playtime.

Ice skating Evergreen Lake in the mountains.
And lunching at Country Road Cafe.
These are only two of my favorite winter activities in Colorado. Ever.

We also went on a killer-awesome hike at Matthews Winters.

The awesome part was playing hide-and-go-seek.
The killer part was letting Adventure Girl drag us up a suicidal slopes.I find it rather ironic that Hadley freaks out at climbing walls but has no problem free climbing up rock croppings without the security of ropes.

She’s my daughter.

And then yesterday, it was snow day fun when school was canceled. While I shoveled, the kids played.
And played.

And played some more.
It’s our tradition to build a fort when it snows.
Check-out my little snowbunny a few years ago.
What a difference a few years makes!

Hadley was an overachiever and cranked out her first solo snowman.

And she stayed out much longer than Bode and me to build a snowfort with not one but three tunnel entrances.

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