Happy April Fool’s Day!

What IS this?

Find out over at Mile High Mamas today and read about some fun April Fool’s Day pranks I’ll be playing on the poor Canuck Clan. If you wrote an April Fool’s Day post, be sure to leave a link over there!

Got Any Favorite Spring/Summer Recipes?

I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some fresh, fun cookin’ this season. Please, please send your favorite recipes (dinner, salads, appetizers, desserts, etc.) my way! If I get enough recipes, I may just compile them all. Either post it over at Mile High Mamas or email it to me at crazycanuck131 [at] yahoo [dot] com and I will post it for you. Best of all? Anyone who shares will get a free entree from Qdoba Mexican Grill.

Don’t have one in your home state? Post a recipe anyway and I’ll eat it for you.

Because I’m nice like that.

Are you on Facebook?

I have been so swamped these days that I haven’t had time to visit all my favorite blogs. Fortunately, I have connected with many of you via Facebook and love reading your short ‘n sweet status updates. If I’m not already following you, please send me a request here.

Enough homework for one day. Perhaps my new tagline should be:

Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck:
It’s just like Junior High, only exponentially less painful.

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