Hunky Hubby’s Blossoms

Hunky Hubby and I were chatting in bed the other night about babies. Particularly, about some of Haddie’s friends who weren’t very cute babies but who have evolved into super darling toddlers. Call me crazy but the cutest ones are the round ones; scrawny babies just don’t have the same appeal until they get a bit older.
Jamie mentioned how the cuteness evolution happens in reverse in later years. “All those crushes I had in elementary school never would have held up if I’d known what those girls would end up looking like when they turned 13.”

“Oh really?” I replied. “If you will recall, you are talking about me! Lest you forget, I went through a painfully ugly stage around that time with my frizz-bomb hair, coke-bottle glasses and 80s styles.”

Silence. He knew I was right.

“And how do you explain your own personal evolution?” I asked. “You have looked the same since birth. People who knew you in your childhood still recognize you everywhere you go.”

Jamie, [modestly] “Some of us just blossom early, I guess.

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