Jamie Meets Zoolander

Next week kicks off my road to the insane asylum. Hadley has dress rehearsal every night for her play at Colorado Acts, we’re juggling soccer, volleyball, Cub Scouts (I’m in charge of the carnival) and Activity Days. Not coincidentally, Hadley’s teacher pushed back her class play to the same night as her final dress rehearsal for the other one, all of which is causing me a major anxiety attack and wishing for our winter OFF from all activities.

Summer break will be here before we know it, right?

In the middle of it all, Jamie’s parents are arriving next Wednesday for a week-long visit. That’s about the only thing I’m looking forward to!

I’ve also been seeking out additional employment–nothing full-time at this point but as much as I love Mile High Mamas, it’s just not paying the bills. Turns out, free tips and perks won’t pay for Hadley’s braces or another car because we desperately need to replace our 12-year-old one.

I really wanted to buy Jamie something nice for our anniversary in February but money was tight. He always buys me the nicest presents and really has a gift (pun intended) for it. A few months ago, he casually mentioned how much he loved a burnt orange Arc’teryx jacket from REI. If you’re not familiar with this brand, it’s like the Rolls Royce of outdoorwear. I looked up the jacket and, quite predictably, it was $550. I mentally bookmarked it, hoping to find it on end-of-season clearance sale. REI offers its members a dividend at the end of the year and I was thrilled to receive that a couple of weeks ago. I snagged it up and, with a $50 gift card some recent houseguests gave me, started trolling REI’s website. The jacket was 40% off, REI was having a 20% off sale, and with the dividend and gift card, I scored that $550 jacket for $75.

I LOVE surprises but almost couldn’t contain myself. I was so excited to give it to him because he’s so darn deserving and I wish there was more I could do to thank him for how hard he works and for being an all-around awesome husband and father.

If the weather wasn’t 70 degrees, I think he’d sleep in it. He’s the only one in Denver still praying for snow days.

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