How An Innocent Pep Rally Can Invokes Future Child Humilation

Hadley will not graduate from high school until 2022.

This blatant reminder of my advancing age was reinforced at a pep rally held by our local high school cheerleaders. Kindergartners from six feeder elementary schools gathered to applaud the Wildcats and receive their very own Class of 2022 T-shirts to wear the next day as they walked our local harvest festival parade route.

Parents were encouraged to participate and, if they were pulling wagons, to decorate those as well.

It was then something very ugly was triggered. Something that I did not know even existed in the deep recesses of my mind. Some would call it school spirit. Others would call it obnoxious parents who go overboard.

You see, I was always highly competitive in sports but I wouldn’t say I had a lot of school spirit. Who could blame me? Our junior high mascot was a hippo. It’s tough to get psyched when someone calls you a barrel-shaped artiodactyl mammal.

The emergence of Said School Spirit came with a complication: READ ON

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