Living the Life (and Death) of The Great Pumpkin

Excuse me while my ulcer digs a little bit deeper. I am a couple of weeks away from leading 12 teen-age girls on a three-day backpacking trip. Jamie and I are in charge of these back-country novices, along with another wonderful couple. A couple who is currently in Brazil so everything is falling on me.

We have two youth leaders who have been appointed to run the show and the adults are allegedly only there for support. These are beautiful, wonderful and spiritual girls. But they are 17 years old. One picked up and moved away last week without telling us and won’t be back until camp. The other busted her foot and somehow thinks she can still do the trek in a cast.

Plus, they are teen-age girls who are busy with their own stuff. You know: like boys, cell phones, blue eye shadow and curling their hair.

Do not say I am not in touch with today’s youth.


On another note, after my Sordid Secrets and the Husbands Who Keep Them confessional about Jamie’s addiction to growing the Great Pumpkin, I had several inquiries if my own addiction to Eating Everything Pumpkin is related.

In a word, no.

Jamie has only been through one growing season with his pumpkin. My Eating Everything Pumpkin’s gluttial growing season has been occurring for four years now.

How it all began: I was pregnant with Hadley when I called my family during their Thanksgiving dinner. For those not in the know, Canadians celebrate in October. I don’t know the reason. We just like to do everything first, which is why we celebrate Canada Day three days before your lil’ party.

I think some call it Independence Day.

Anyway, my mom mentioned they were eating pumpkin pie and it was at that moment something was triggered in that hormonal, craving-crazed brain of mine and I HAD to Eat Everything Pumpkin.

Problem is four years later, it has never stopped. I have made pumpkin pie, cake, cookies, bars, bread, enchiladas, gnocchi, shakes, yogurt, fritters and soup.

To name a few.

On another note, Hunky Hubby and I had another one of our tantalizing conversations yesterday about [what else?] pumpkins.

“Jamie, you really need to spice up your pumpkin blog. It is B-O-R-I-N-G.”

“What’re you talking about? Just the other day, I talked about adding FERTILIZER!!!”

Help. I need help.

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