Meet the Mormons film + my new favorite song

What do a women’s amateur kickboxer, Nepal humanitarian, a missionary mom, a head college football coach and a “candy bomber” all have in common?  They are all Mormons and featured in the new full-­length documentary Meet the Mormons, opening nationally on Oct. 10, 2014 in more than 100 theaters across the U.S. (locations are here).

I’ve been helping spread the good word about the film as a part of my work with our church’s public affairs, which focuses on building relationships in the community with our political leaders, media and other churches. I’ve loved seeing the way our city’s interfaith community has come together. A couple of weeks ago, it was awesome to attend a preparedness fair that we’ve been holding for years but just this year, combined with the city on our efforts to reach a larger audience to teach citizens how to be prepared in case of a disaster. Colorado has known its share of them in recent years–from blizzards to last year’s wildfires and floods.

What I’ve loved about working in public affairs is I’ve been able to focus on building bridges and clearing up misconceptions about the Mormon faith. And nothing does it better than this new film and all proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. Whether or not you’re LDS, you’ll love this movie. In fact, the church did several screenings with those not of our faith and they overwhelmingly agreed they would recommend it to a friend because it’s not about theology, it’s about regular everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Watch the trailer

On another note, David Archuleta of American Idol fame recently returned from serving a full-time mission for the church and recorded the title song, “Glorious.” The music video features highlights from the movie and is an awesome reminder that this life here on earth is glorious and full of miracles.

Watch the music video

The song is available to download for free on the movie’s Facebook page.

We’re going to see the movie next Saturday and I cannot wait.

Hey, if it does well, maybe Meet the Mormons: The Sequel will feature a giant pumpkin grower and his crazy Canadian wife. :)

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