The Final Countdown

Our last two weeks in Colorado were a blur full of packing, stress and lots of sad good-byes.

We have dearly loved Skyline Estates. There was nothing quite like building our homes together for the first time, being pregnant together and raising our kids in the same space. Most of the kids have gravitated to other friends at school and church but they’ll always be bonded for life. Our neighbors threw a going-away party for us and Joe and Sherry, who moved a week after us. Some of the original families included the Kings, Schultzs, Morgans, Trinders, Ames, Franklins, Grandma Jean, Ron and Joyce, and the Haymonds.

Most of these kids in this picture were born after we moved in on tax day–April 15, 2004. Hadley was born one month later so she was always our benchmark for how long we lived there. Such an amazing group!

Tina and I met in a hiking group for new moms and she was my first dear friend in Colorado. We capped our friendship by hiking iconic Red Rocks while reminiscing our countless hikes, when I dragged her every Saturday to the Red Rocks Fitness Challenge and she dragged me on the Mind Eraser. And she was the first one to make me cry saying our good-byes.

We were thrilled to have one last hurrah for the Morgan’s backyard movie nights and it was a very befitting send-off to feature Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Mostly because we really love candy.

Andy’s blurry photobomb

One of our favorite summer traditions is helping with our stake’s community-wide service project. We were busy packing our garage but that didn’t stop us from going to the BBQ that night. Because we’re moochers like that.

Hadley was thrilled to go to the LDS Denver Temple for one last time with her besties. Truly, an amazingly supportive, GOOD, drama-free group of girls.

When Bode and I pulled up to our beloved home one night, we found Fat Kitty sitting in his window–something he has never done. It’s like he was saying his own farewells.

Funny how he almost looks fatter by moonlight.

Bode enjoyed playing Pokemon our final couple of weeks of summer. I didn’t complain–it was a fabulous way to explore our favorite haunts in Arvada. One evening took us to the top of what was once our neighborhood water tower. Though it’s no longer there, I have so many fond memories of climbing atop the hill when the kids were little and playing hide ‘n go seek as we marveled at the view.

It’s one of the many things we’ll never forget about our wonderful life in Arvada.

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