Mental Health Day for this CRAZY Bloggin’ Canuck

I took a Mental Health Day yesterday. In an ideal world, a person does not almost end up in the psych ward trying to plan their mental reprieve but that is what happened when Haddie’s playgroup almost fell though and then my bike’s tire went flat and no one had the correct-sized nozzle to pump it up.

Oh, and did I mention I am a single parent this week because Jamie is back East on business? Hence the reason for the Mental Health Day. It may come as a surprise to those who know what a social being I am but I looooove to be alone. But marriage + kids = alone no more.

Fortunately, everything came together at the last minute and I had seven blissful hours all to myself. And what did I do? Why, I’m glad you asked!

1) I went to Boulder, Colorado’s outdoorsy, green-living Mecca. Where residents are freakishly athletic and the dreg-locked CU students can pass as homeless people.

And where I finally conquered something on my dying-to-do list: I biked up (and up and up) Boulder Canyon and then cruised down along the Boulder Creek Trail.

It was a killer 2-hour ride and I thought I had put in a respectable effort until two GRANDMAS cruised past me.

Mind you, these are Boulder Grannies, which makes them superior among their blue-haired species.

2) After my ride, I showered. And shaved. These alone should warrant recognition of some kind.

3) I grabbed lunch and went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Alone. Ever been to a movie alone? When I was single, I used to do it all the time. And I loooooove it because I don’t have anyone asking me questions or begging me to take them to the bathroom.

Other than those two annoyances, Jamie was certainly missed.

Though exhausting, I was thrilled with how much I was able to do. Not that we’re ever lackadaisical. When Haddie is in preschool, Bode and I always cram a lot into our three-hour window–from biking to hiking to going for walks.

One of the other mothers at preschool is amazed by this and last week, I relayed a conversation I had with her to Jamie:

“And then I asked her what she does while her kids are in school.”

“And what did she say?”


“Amber, I encourage you to pursue friendships with women who are great examples like this.”

So, here’s your question: you have seven hours to yourself. What do you do? Play? Shop? Sleep? Or [gulp] Clean? (Though if you answer affirmatively to the latter point, I don’t think we can be friends. :-) Let’s hear about your ideal Mental Health Day!

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