Mile High Mamas Lives!

Mile High Mamas is finally live! We did a soft launch today and will officially launch the site in a few weeks after we build up some content and work out the kinks. At that time, we will go crazy with promotions, giveaways and a guarantee of eight hours of sleep. All this from simply reading a blog? Err…not that I’m saying it will put you to sleep or anything.

Overall, I am pleased with the look of the site. We are still working on the cutest kid pics and plan to have weekly contests such as cutest baby, funniest candids, best first birthday cake eating picture, creative Halloween costumes, etc. I’m open to any suggestions for new categories, just so long as it does not involve nose picking famous icons.

Or perhaps we should have a category for siblings who deface younger siblings?

We are also still tweaking the Mama-to-Mama Forum. I had no idea what a logistical nightmare message boards could be. I was especially thrilled when The Denver Post’s editor walked me through it and chose to click on the breastfeeding link as an illustration. Well, not that there are visuals or anything. It’s not that kind of site.

But in the forum, I had divulged a breastfeeding conundrum and it was extremely thrilling for me to sit through his exposé err…explanation, feeling as if I was bearing my soul.

Or rather, certain other body parts.

This is not exclusively for Coloradoans so come one, come all to the site! Just make sure to tread softly, comment much, upload pictures and share the love. Oh, and don’t be shocked that I actually waxed a bit philosophical on my first post; I’ll be back to talking about defecated diapers in no time at all.


My first post at Mile High Mamas:

A couple of years ago, a friend invited me to join her playgroup at Bellview Park. It was a glorious sunny day, the kind you relish as you watch your 1-year-old test out her wobbly legs like a baby bird taking flight.

As the mothers talked freely, the children played. They splashed in the stream, giggled on the train, squealed at the animals in the petting zoo and rolled in the grass. It was one of those times when everything just seemed right.

Until I met Daniel. Actually, it was my sweet daughter Hadley who instigated the introduction. She had wobbled over to a corner of the park about 30 feet away from our perch and had innocently plopped down beside this little boy. He was tow-headed, bespectacled and I will never forget his bottomless smiles. I will also never forget his accompanying oxygen tank.

I struck up a conversation with his mother. Daniel was just a couple months older than Hadley but half her size and severely handicapped. But this child emanated a light like I have never seen as he guilelessly watched the children play around him.

In those brief moments that we spoke, I had such a strong connection with this woman as she longingly looked over at our circle of friends. A voice screamed inside of me, “INVITE THEM OVER! She is in desperate need of companionship!”

But I did not.

I had my reasons, albeit superficial ones. After all, I did not know this woman, she did not know me. And besides, it was not even my playgroup; I was already crashing it. How would it appear if I invited a complete stranger over?

That woman has probably long forgotten that day.

I have not.

It made me do some serious self-examination regarding how we as women can be so amazingly supportive, thoughtful and loving. And yet also occasionally be judgmental, catty and cliquish.

Mile High Mamas has been created to banish these divisions and to create an online community that cares. A place that focuses on commonality, respects differences and where we can just laugh and be ourselves. Oh, and also be numbered among those who understand the importance of having really great shoes.

Because isn’t that what being a Mile High Mama is all about….

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