My so-called “perfect” life

Here’s a little tip: don’t ever utter that you’re feeling balanced because you will inevitably get caught up in a whirlwind wherein just the opposite is revealed.

It started with the missed bike clinic. Remember? The one I thought was on Friday when it was, in actuality, Wednesday. Actually, it goes back even farther when I bought a couple of birthdays presents at Wal-Mart last week.

Should have just stuck with my beloved Target. I know that now.

There is not a Wal-Mart close to my house. After schlepping across town to buy the gifts, Hadley informed me that her friend already had one of them.

Fast-forward to the bike clinic on Friday night. You know, the one that never happened. I decided to take the opportunity to return the presents and exchange them for the game Cariboo by Cranium that my friend Tina requested. It was late in the evening, very few people were on duty, and I spent 45 minutes on a wild goose chase throughout the store as various uninformed people informed me they had the game.

Take it from me: they did not.

Exasperated, this mommy blogger left the store and headed to my beloved Target. I called them on the way over to ensure they had Cariboo. They did! And they promised to leave it for me at the Customer Service desk!

I limped in there right before closing, plopped down my money and did not give it another thought.

Until yesterday, a mere hour before the party when I finally got around to wrapping it. That is when I learned the dreaded truth: they gave me the wrong Cranium game. In my comatose state, I hadn’t even noticed.

I dragged the kids back to Target, only to discover they did not carry the game. With mere minutes before we needed to leave before the party, I desperately grabbed the only semi-decent game I could find:

Because my life is anything but.

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